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Where’s your head at? Or, storytelling and perspective in 360 VR video
Hadron Collider

I often think about filming one of my first 360 VR videos. The camera attached to a monopod and held above my head as walked around the edge of Sydney harbour and under the Harbour Bridge. I stitched it, put it on the headset to view, and thought it was freakin’ cool. I was chuffed. …

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The 360-degree selfie
Kuzuryū Shrine Hongū

As a child of the 70’s and 80’s, I remember gathering with other families from the neighbourhood in living rooms to watch (what seemed an endless night of) slides. Exotic destinations were presented as vivid and colourful images and would flash up larger than life. These images, and their stories, filled my head with dreams …

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Capture everything – Introducing 360 Photography

Cameras and mobile photography 360 photography is currently accessible to everyone with a mobile phone. All mobile phones today come with built in camera. These cameras have software that allows the user to point and shoot to capture a full 360-degree image. Both Apple iOS and Android mobile operating systems include this ability directly from …

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An introduction… Why I’m into 360 imagery?

During my travels across the globe I’ve always enjoyed capturing my adventure through images and sharing them. One of my first overseas adventures was to the United States. Quite a few of my friends had visited the US before, but not many of them had ventured beyond the main cities. My trip was different. I …

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